Niall Horan - 19 - Singer - Time Traveller

Niall used to be an active cutter but has since then gotten help. He's the father to a beautiful baby girl named Vanessa. He married his long time boyfriend and bandmate, Liam.

M!A: Niall says all of his thoughts out loud, no matter how embarrassing or rude it is.


Niall needs comforting ll Niall & Liam

Niall was sitting alone in his and Liam’s flat. He’d had a bad day that day and just wanted to be left alone. It didn’t help much that Liam had decided to go out with the boys after recording to get a drink. He could of sworn though that Liam frowned when Niall declined Louis’s offer. He talked to Niall trying to ask him what was wrong and if he needed to stay with him. Niall turned him down and told him he’d see him when he got back. Liam just nodded and left with the boys. Niall would only admit to himself that he didn’t really want Liam to leave him. He was hoping Liam would be his normal stubborn self and stay with him. He sighed and got up off the bed. He walked through the dark hallways downstairs to the kitchen. He began to make himself something to snack on. He looked at the time on his watch. It read 8:30 and the boys left an hour ago. Niall stopped paying attention and didn’t here the sound of Liam coming into their flat. He jumped when he heard Liam’s familar voice ringing through the flat. “I’m in here!” he called out loud enough for his bandmate to have heard him.